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Prep K   & Kindergarten 

In prep K & kindergarten art we spend most of our time experimenting with a variety of mediums.  We begin to use iPads to experiment with technology applications in drawing and building with shapes. We do a lot of self expression, imaginative works and making choices of which materials to use and how we want to use them. We create primary color monoprint works. We begin to learn about realistic vs. abstract, color theory, lines (horizontal, vertical, diagonal), shapes, solids, 2D/3D, texture, pattern and design. We virtually tour Art Museums, create our own gallery walks to view our art.  

First Grade

In first grade art we continue to review ideas touched upon in kindergarten, and begin learning about a variety of artists, their materials, time and place in which they create their works. Noticing cultural differences and similarities. We experience virtual and augmented reality. We discuss illustrating stories and telling the story of an artwork or illustration. We begin to discuss architecture, emphasis, rhythm, positive and negative space, harmony, balance and symmetry.  We use green screen technology applications to create simple stop motion animations.

Second  Grade

In second grade we continue to reinforce prior learning while adding in value, proportion, scale, and mixed media works with basic weaving techniques. Utilize technology  to advance students in design and applications of learning.  Begin realization of other cultures and places, and the art and self expression used by those peoples over time. 

We begin to communicate about art work and collaborate with others. We create simple printmaking designs. We learn about critiquing in a way that we state facts of the elements of art and principles of design as well as  clay pinch pot creation of 3D works from 2D plan sketches and mastery of distinguishing portrait, landscape, still life and nonobjective works.

Third Grade

In 3rd grade we continue to review previous learning adding in parallel and perpendicular lines, angles, using graph paper to plot points, measurements, radial design, geometric and organic, clay coil 3D construction. We experiment with VR and AR designs. We learn about how to create bubble letters and create cartoon style onomatopoeia work, as well as basic cartooning.. We also discuss contrast, emphasis, repetition, and unity.  We have a unit on digital photography and pleasing compositions.

IMG_4225 (1).jpg
Fourth Grade

In 4th grade we review previous learning, adding in aerial perspective, orientation, proportions, composition, background middle ground, foreground and human body proportions.  and drawing realistic techniques.  We use artistic concepts to brainstorm collaboratively to solve problems.  We have an advanced architecture unit through Greek, Roman & Gothic designs in history expanding our knowledge of these points in history with a variety of projects, including expressive clay gargoyles. We utilize tech applications to create LED electronic circuits, and/or motors  to add to artistic works.

Fifth Grade

In 5th grade we continue to review and we combine our architecture study with our watercolor painting techniques.  We create AR & VR technology experiences.  We compete mastery of color theory, including opacity and intensity as well as the elements of art and principles of design.  We work with mathematical tessellations, and innovative advanced sculpture design. We create artistic sculptural  collaborations that utilize technology.

Sixth Grade

In 6th grade art we wrap up all artistic skills by completing a large scale detailed realistic drawing with choice and self expression.  We create clay using hand building slab design.  We complete works to express personal meaning or story.  Utilizing 2D planning, technology applications to create 3D products with a 3D printer.

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